One Nice Thing: International Arts + Mind Lab COVID-19 NeuroArts Field Guide

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The International Arts + Mind Lab (IAM Lab) at the Brain Science Institute of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine has created a NeuroArts Field Guide with articles and resources for maintaining and improving mental health during the pandemic through artistic activities. “Even before the pandemic, many of us engaged in art making or art appreciation […]

One Nice Thing: Lavender Labyrinth in Santa Rosa, California

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Bees N Blooms Farm in Santa Rosa, California, is exactly what one would expect from the name—an 11-acre organic farm with a variety of flowers, honey and wax from ten colonies of honey bees, and pollinator-friendly plants and trees. The site also has a lavender labyrinth, which contains more than 900 lavender plants and offers […]

One Nice Thing: Meditation Gif

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This lovely gif was a Tumblr find. You have to click through to see the movement, but then you can bookmark it.

One Nice Thing: Tarot Card Room Divider

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I was searching for a folding screen to use as a background for online meetings (not for my day job!), and came across this wonderful piece: It’s much more interesting than your standard shoji screen! While I appreciate the importance of the RWS deck, it’s not my primary deck, so I decided on this one: […]

Shower Thoughts—Captured!

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It’s a bit of a popular joke that we humans have our best ideas in the shower, where it’s impossible to write them down. There are multiple blogs that are based on sharing thoughts from the shower (varying from mildly amusing to quite insightful). And it has a basis in reality—when we’re in the shower, […]


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