Poem: The Hearth—Henry van Dyke

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The Hearth —Henry van Dyke When the logs are burning free, Then the fire is full of glee: When each heart gives out its best, Then the talk is full of zest: Light your fire and never fear, Life was made for love and cheer. [Image description: A table with a basket of bread, a […]

What a Wonderful Morning!

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Today, I woke up in a country that is led by people who understand that science is good and fascism is bad. What a wonderful morning! [Image description: A double rainbow against a blue sky, over green field with trees at the back.]

Alonzo King On Dance, Life, and Humanity

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Choreographer Alonzo King did an interview with George McCalman of the San Francisco Chronicle recently. Even if dance isn’t a particular interest for you, I recommend taking the time to read the interview. King is passionate about dance, about life, and about humanity, and his words apply to everyone, dancer or otherwise. [Image description: A […]

The Songs of the Stars

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NASA has created a page on their site dedicated to astral sounds, taking the images capture by the Hubble Telescope, the Chandra X-Ray Observatory, and others, and turning them into sound. “Through data sonification, the same digital data that gets translated into images is transformed into sound. Elements of the image, like brightness and position, […]

One Nice Thing: Sonnets for Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” Concertos

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Thanks to this article from Alan Chapman at Classical KDFC (the classical music station in San Francisco, California), I learned that there are four sonnets to accompany each of the concertos in Antonio Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” suite—possibly written by the composer himself. I did a bit of searching, and found the wonderfully informative Baroque Music […]


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