Altar for Laufey and Farbauti

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A corner of my Loki altar is dedicated to his parents, Laufey and Farbauti. I couldn’t find candle holders that fit the miniature oil lamps I have, so I made my own! They’re round holders, shaped to fit the oil lamps, and each has a separate disk it rests on for additional stability. The images […]

Doing the Homework

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I fell into a Tumblr discussion yesterday about the need to read as part of developing a spiritual practice. This was a discussion among heathens, so the reading was specifically focused on the sagas and lore, but it applies to any spiritual practice. There are many ways to work with the gods, and for many […]

Arts and Crafts: Adventures in Beadwork

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A friend gave me a significant quantity of hematite beads (yay, hematite!) a while ago. I finally made it to my local bead shop to acquire tools, and spent today making this! It’s not perfect, but it’s done, and it’s wearable, so I declare victory! I love hematite, and really can’t have enough of it […]

Small Devotions: Feeding the Ancestors

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I’m still figuring out my ancestor practice, with helpful suggestions from Karen Krebser, who has done quite a bit of her own work on the topic. Like the rest of my practice, it gets bumpy and doesn’t receive enough attention when I travel for work, but I’ve found a Small Devotion to help keep me […]

Small Devotions: Starting the Day

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I am not a morning person. There is no way to adequately describe how much I am not a morning person. I just don’t function well in the morning, regardless of how much sleep I’ve had, no matter how well I slept. Morning is confusing and strange and I would really prefer to opt out […]


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