When People Tell You That Being a Heathen Is a Bad Idea . . .

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Show them this:   [Image description: A white piece of fabric, embroidered with a red border. The center is stitched in black, with the words “A forgotten god cannot run my life any worse than I am currently running it myself”. A deer-like creature in black thread is to the right of the words. A […]

Summer Solstice Wishes to All

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So many people love this day! It’s bright! It’s warm! It’s time to do ALL THE SUMMER THINGS! It’s an absolute trainwreck for those of us with Summer S.A.D. My consolation is that, starting tomorrow, the days are getting shorter, even if only by a minute or two; soon, it will be September, and the […]

Close the Camps Demonstration, July 2, 2019

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Tried to get photos from the Close the Camps demonstration outside Senator Dianne Feinstein’s office yesterday, but only one came out. The demonstration moved into the street at Montgomery, so SFPD rerouted traffic back up Montgomery to clear it and Post Street. Several of the demonstrators helped guide traffic to get the drivers back on […]


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A couple of years ago, we had our back yard cleared of the overgrown flora so we could replant and xeriscape. A friend adopted the rose bush (that is, she spent an afternoon digging it up and moving it to her place). Roots persist. This photo is from today.

An Altarpiece for Ran

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I found myself out shopping recently (not my favorite thing, but sometimes necessary), and found a new type of air-dry clay at the Japanese chain Daiso. Being unable to resist the possibility of a new medium in which to play, I acquired a box for testing. The texture is very different from other polymer clays—it’s […]


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