Sigyn, Pain, and Grief—and Healing

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As the Mourning Mother, Sigyn understands your pain when you grieve. She understands your rage at the unfairness of life, and she understands your desire to strike back, and your impotent fury that there is no real way to do so. Sigyn reminds you to feel your pain, to weep your tears, to let your […]

All Shall Be Well, and All Shall Be Well, and All Manner of Things Shall Be Well

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All shall be well, And all shall be well, And all manner of things shall be well. —Julian of Norwich Two-and-a-half minutes of beauty and peace for your day.  

Judgment and Compassion, Again

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A couple of years ago, I wrote this post about judgment and compassion, because I was engaging in some painful and destructive behaviors around judging other people that had serious negative effects on me and everyone around me. I needed to find ways to channel the time and energy taken by those thoughts into more […]

Arts and Crafts: More Beadwork—A Friendship Exchange Treasure Strand

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My friend Tamara and I did a bead exchange from the various beads we each are using to make our treasure strands. This is the one I created with the beads she sent me: [Image description: A strand of beads of many colors and sizes.] It’s a fabulous mix of amber, jasper, moonstone, glass beads, […]

When People Tell You That Being a Heathen Is a Bad Idea . . .

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Show them this:   [Image description: A white piece of fabric, embroidered with a red border. The center is stitched in black, with the words “A forgotten god cannot run my life any worse than I am currently running it myself”. A deer-like creature in black thread is to the right of the words. A […]


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