Review: Icelandic Magic by Stephen Flowers

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My friends at Inner Traditions sent me a copy of Icelandic Magic: Practical Secrets of the Northern Grimoires, by Stephen E. Flowers, which was a nice surprise to find in my mailbox. You may know flowers as Edred Thorsson, the name under which he published his earlier works on rune lore and rune magic. The […]

Review: The Tarot of Perfection by Rachel Pollack

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This is review of another book I did on my prior blog that I like so much, I’m reposting it here! In 2009, the fabulous Rachel Pollack released (via Magic Realist Press) The Tarot of Perfection: A Book of Tarot Tales.  I bought it when it first came out, and finally made time to read […]

Review: Tarot and the Journey of the Hero by Hajo Banzhaf

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This appeared on my prior blog in 2011. I find the book deeply interesting and am reposting the review here for my new readers. I bought this when it came out in 2000, read the first part of it, and then it got put aside as I was in the middle of dealing with moving […]

Review: Pagan Magic of the Northern Tradition, Nigel Pennick

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Destiny Books has my  number. They have released several titles relating to Northern Traditions this year, and kindly sent me a copy of Pagan Magic of the Northern Tradition: Customs, Rites, and Ceremonies, the latest from Nigel Pennick.   If you are not familiar with Pennick’s work, this is a very good place to start. Pennick […]

Review: Norse Goddess Magic by Alice Karlsdottir

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As I continue my exploration of the Northern Traditions, I was pleased to see “Norse Goddess Magic” by Alice Karlsdottir appear on the New Titles list from Inner Traditions, and their publicity department kindly sent me a review copy. This is an expanded and updated version of the earlier “Magic of the Norse Goddesses”. Karlsdottir […]


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