Daily Poem: Walpurgisnacht ~ Faun

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In case you need a bit of energy boost to get you through May Day, because your Walpurgisnacht may have gone rather late, today’s poem is actually a song! Turn up the volume and dance!     In case you’re curious about the lyrics, here’s a translation from the German: Into the evening sky rise […]

Draw for January 24, 2017

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Draw for January 24, 2017 Active Influence: Glut, Einmyria & Eisa/Three of Wands Rune: Algiz/Protection Hidden Influence: Daeg/Knight of Wands There, that’s better! Glut and her daughters celebrate the joy of being alive, of being able to move, of being together. Today, make time to celebrate all that is good in your life. Even if […]

Daily Poem: Homesick ~ Else Lasker-Schüler

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Homesick ~ Else Lasker-Schüler Translated from German by Michael Hamburger I don’t know the language Of this cool country And its pace is not mine. Nor can I interpret The clouds that pass. The night is a step-queen. Always I have to think of the pharaoh forests And kiss the images of my stars. Already […]

Draw for December 16, 2016

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Draw for December 16, 2016: Active Influence: Hrungnir/Seven of Wands Rune: Os/The God Voice Hidden Influence: Asvid/The Hierophant While the contentious Sisters of the Five of Wands took today off, Their pal Hrungnir shows up with His brand of querulous energies. Don’t challenge Gods to riddle contests. Don’t get drunk at a party. Don’t get […]

Daily Poem: Men in the City ~ Alfonsina Storni

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A simple poem, yet breathtaking in its imagery. Men in the City ~ Alfonsina Storni Translated from Spanish by Rachel Benson The woods of the horizon are on fire; eluding flames, the swift blue bucks of twilight cross. Little golden goats migrate toward the vault and recline on the blue moss. Below, the city rises […]


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